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Phoenix T30 Rotary Tiller

Phoenix Sicma T30 Rotary Tiller

T30 Series Gear Drive Rotary Tillers from Phoenix are extremely reliable and suited to even the most demanding applications and soil conditions. The super strong frame, heavy duty steel plate box-type bonnet, and four speed side drive in oil bath make these heavy duty machines dependable work horses on any job. From the oversized rotor tube with optional double flange to the double extended torque tubes, this machine is built to give you years of trouble free service. Get the most out of your T30 Series Rotary Tiller with optional Roller Packer Kit, Hydraulic Roller Packer Control Kit, and Double Flanged Rotor Tube.

Standard Features​

  • Series 8 PTO Clutch With 4 Plate Slip Clutch 

  • 6 Heavy Duty Tines Per Flange

  • 2+2 Gearbox

  • Gear Drive Transmission in Oil Bath 

  • Double Torque Tube

Available Sizes​

  • T30-90GE

  • T30-100GE

  • T30-112GE

  • T30-120GE

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