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Phoenix Reverse Tine Tillers

Phoenix Sicma Reverse Tine Rotary Tillers

The reverse rotation of our tiller tines forces the tiller down into the ground for deep smooth cultivation while bringing debris up over the top of the rotor. This unique action deposites larger debris first then covers it with finely pulverized soil particles for a smoother, cleaner finish. Get the final results you need in one pass

Standard Features​

  • 6 Tines Per Flange

  • Heavy Duty Drag Board

  • Heavy Duty Gear Drive Transmission 

  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Skids with Aprons for Quick Depth Adjustment

Available Sizes​

  • T5R-60GE

  • T10R-66GE

  • T10R-74GE

  • T12R-74GE

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