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Phoenix Ditch Bank Flail Mowers

Phoenix Sicma Ditch Bank Flail Mowers

The range of ditch bank flail mowers by Phoenix stands out for its ease and versatility of use: dealing with grass or brushes, either behind or to the side of the tractor has never been easier. They are suitable for any application, in olive groves, hazel groves and orchards as well as along the edges of fields, ponds, ditches or hedgerows.The quality and excellence of our agricultural machines are represented by concealed and protected construction components and are fundamental for the mechanics of a machine that does not cause problems and that lasts over time. 

Standard Features​

  • External drive belt adjustment

  • Gearbox with integrated free wheel

  • Counter Knives system inside the shredding chamber

  • Side parallelogram hydraulic shift

  • Double Parking Stand

Available Sizes​

  • MA-120

  • MA-140

  • MM-110 (NEW)

  • MM-125 (NEW)

  • MLE-160

  • MPE-200

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