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Farm-Maxx Root Grapple

Farm-Maxx FRG Root Grapples

The Farm-Maxx Root Grapples are designed to handle demanding jobs with ease. It is ideal for picking up and moving rocks, logs, brush, debris and other hard-to-lift materials. Our design allows this equipment to fit almost all haulers, loaders and tractors. They are made of Premium AR400 abrasion resistant steel which has proven to have the best-prolonged service life where abrasion is the cause of failure.

Standard Features:

  •  AR400 Abrasion Resistant Steel

  •  Dual Cylinders on 60", 66", 72"

  •  Quick Attach Compatible

  •  1/2" Male & Female Quick Connectors Included

  •  Tuff-Flex® Protective Hose Sleeve Standard

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