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Farm-Maxx Grooming Mowers

FMR-60 2_edited.jpg

The Farm-Maxx FMR Grooming Mowers feature a heavy duty welded deck and 3 overlapping blades specially designed for a clean smooth cut. They will easily meet the needs of golf courses, large estate owners, municipalities, ranchers, or commercial mowing and landscape operations. These mowers are available in widths ranging from 48” to 84”, set up for a Category 1 three-point hitch, and work with tractors ranging from 20 to 50 hp.

Standard Features:

  • Series 4 PTO Shaft 

  • Front Anti Scalp Roller

  • Adjustable Lower Links

  • Solid Tires

  • 20-50 HP Recommended

Available Sizes:

  • FMR-48

  • FMR-60

  • FMR-72

  • FMR-84

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