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Farm-Maxx Flail Mower

Farm-Maxx Heavy Duty Flail Mowers

The FFM Heavy Duty Flail Mowers offer durable performance in working widths from 48 to 89 inches. Even on uneven terrain, it shreds grass, weeds, and brush up to 2” in diameter. Robust, durable and easy to handle in tight areas, Farm-Maxx's FFM flail mowers are ideal for mowing along fences, in orchards and along ditch banks and ponds.

Standard Features

  • Standard Mechanical Side Shift 

  • Optional Hydraulic Side Shift Kit 

  • Heavy Duty Heat Treated Steel Hammers

  • Adjustable Side skids

  • Standard Rear roller

  • Standard Adjustable Debris Rakes

Available Sizes:

  • 48" FFM-120

  • 58" FFM-145

  • 63" FFM-160

  • 69" FFM-175

  • 81" FFM-205

  • 87" FFM-220

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