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Farm-Maxx Box Blade

Farm-Maxx BB Box Blades

The Farm-Maxx box blade is designed and built to satisfy even the most demanding user. Available in sizes from 48 to 96 inches. 

Standard Features for Regular Duty

  • Adjustable Scarified Shanks

  • Reversible Heat Treated Cutting Edge

Standard Features for Heavy Duty

  • Removable and Adjustable Shanks

  • Formed Heavy Gauge Mold Board

  • Reversible Heat Treated and Beveled Cutting Edges

  • Clevis Type Lower Links

Available Sizes

  • BB-48

  • BB-60

  • BB-72

  • BB-48HD

  • BB-60HD

  • BB-72HD

  • BB-84HD

  • BB-96HD

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